MD Autosave suite Win(x64) for Daz Studio [Commercial]

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The product is not released yet in the store.

The “Autosave suite” is a long missing element from Daz Studio, enriched with many other features to make it handier than a simple save action. Except from the main Autosave panel, the suite also includes a File Manager, an Advance Loader and a Notes Dialog.

The main features are:

  • Monitoring: It monitors your scene and saves it, in regular time, if it needs to be saved. All options are included in a single pane (tab), which can be placed wherever you want in Daz Studio pane placeholders.
  • Snooze action: You get a snooze button to postpone the save procedure if you are in the middle of something important.
  • Write and read scene Notes: It gives you the ability to add and save notes into your scene (fully compatible with the freebie “Node’s Notes” given in Daz Store as a Christmas gift in December 2022, or as a free script from my site
  • Advanced Loader Dialog: An Advanced Loader is included so you can see the notes for each scene file even before opening it.
  • Advanced Save action: The Advanced Save action gives you the ability to manually save the next file in an instant with the current settings.
  • Manager Files Dialog: You get a ‘Manager Files’ dialog to manage your saved files. Here you can delete, archive or backup any file(s) you want.
  • All above main features come with new actions, a new ‘Autosave’ menu and a toolbar. All these new actions can be placed as handy buttons on the included or any other toolbar for easy access and monitoring.
  • The Autosave Tab has tooltips and the ‘What’s this’ feature.


Beware: The plugin needs activation after installation. You can find the serial number when you log in into DAZ page, under your “Account/Serial Numbers”. Copy the serial number and paste it into DAZ Studio in the popup dialog under the menu “Help/About Installed Plugins”.


You can see the Autosave suite in action in the linked video!

You can find the manual in my site here, to take a look at the full features!

The product is not released yet in the store.

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    Wow! It looks great.

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