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Does anyone have this ....

Does anyone know how to fix the gapping at the back of the outfit ( see picture ) ,before I bought it I thought it was gapping because of the character, but I have tried several characters even the default GENESIS 8, and the gapping is on every character, If someone could help me with ideas of fitting this better, I would be grateful, as I have tried the morphs, simulations, dform, and nothing so far works well.

Or if anyone has any alternatives, with the same style of outfit, colours, patch options, and morphs, that would be great.


Screenshot 2024-05-14 032029.png
1296 x 782 - 1M
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    I would think there are other similar bathingsuits, but whether they will do the same I don't know.

    From a physical point of view I would say it is possible, that the clothing will be pulled out behind the bag.

    But in order to fix it, I would take it into a modeller and adjust, and then make a morph based on that.

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    Hey Felis,  I tried to do as you suggested, exporting the suit to MARVELOUS DESIGNER, and altering the fit of the suit in simulation mode, but under simulation mode, the suit completely falls in all sorts of directions, I think altering it in MARVELOUS DESIGNER etc is over my head.

    Does anyone know how to transfer/export morphs from one swimsuit to another using DAZ?


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    I think Marveloas Designer might be a bad choise for fixing what you wnat to fix, as I said, it is not physical determined that the suit will cling to the body.

    I would suggest something like blender, ZBrush or Hexagon. You might get away with mesh grabber, but I think it would be fiddly.

    Regarding transfer of a morph, you must be aware of a 'morph' is a description of vertex movement, not a copy of end-state.

    Sickleyield has some projection morphs used for fixing clothing. If it contain what you are after I don't know.

    I don't have the suit, else I could have made a morph for you.

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    Thanks for your help Felis.


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    One thing I have found sometimes works is to scale some parts of the clothing in X and Z so tthe surface of the character just pokes through, then allow the smoothing modifier to move the fabric so there is no pokethrough. There are areas where this doesn't work well - you can get a spray-on effect on the bust if you take it too far, and unrealistic emphasis of any abs muscles or spine groove. Despite the possible pitfalls, this idea can help without modelling being needed.



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    Hexagon modeller can adjust that quickly and then import a morph..

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    Thanks for all the suggestions guys, I solved the issue, with help from the creator of the outfit :) 


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