directx 12 not found when running unreal engine 5 on igpu

I have an issue here that may be niche. Im running desktops with only intel iGPUs. i cant afford a new graphics card ESPECALLY NOT RTX or Radeon RX (my wife and I are low income lets just say and my wife works as in fast food and i retail and we have 5 kids with three more on the way) my current gpus are long in the tooth and no longer engough vram (yes i tried to see) but my igpus are intel uhd 730 and intel uhd 770 both of which i googled meet the minimum hardware specs requirements. im not looking for high FPS as im primarily doing still images and a few short video clips not games but without my titan x or titan xp (the gpus with not enough vram i mentioned earlier) Unreal engine 5.x says directx 12 not found. directx 12 is manditory as i use nanite and lumen extensively. any way to fix this or am i SOL until say christmas or my birthday or something. i really don't want to spend money on an expensive gpu as i have mouths to feed and bills to pay.


  • milliethegreatmilliethegreat Posts: 257

    I tried switching it in windows graphics settings and it still runs it on the discrete gpu according to the performance monitor on the discrete gpus (titan xp and Intel arc a770 on a ryzen 5 4600g and Intel i5 12400 non k setup respectively) my integrated gpus are Radeon Vega 7 and Intel uhd 730 respectively. Any solutions or am I SOL?

  • milliethegreatmilliethegreat Posts: 257

    I got it working on my Ryzen 4600g iGPU but not my Intel uhf 730. Help please 

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