M4++ morphs question

I use DAZ 4.6. I load the M4 figure with the M4 Base and M4++ morphs and make some modifications to the body and face, then save the subscene. However, when I reopen it... not only does it fail to load the M4++ morphs, but it also gives me an error saying that it cannot locate some files that are actually in the correct location. What is going on?

1366 x 768 - 910K


  • Richard HaseltineRichard Haseltine Posts: 97,834

    What are your content directory settings? Does a parent folder in the path have non-US characters (accents etc.)?


    The route is as follows D:\content\Runtime\Libraries\!DAZ\Michael 4\Deltas\Morphs++. But this happens to me with some M4 figures, but not all. And I don't understand why some work well and others I simply have to re-inject the morphs, while in this case, the M4 don't even "find" the files in the correct path (!!?)


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