Genesis 9 Characters looking extremely botched and deformed when loaded?


when I load or apply a Gen9 character into the scene they are looking kinda deformed with botched faces and bodies. Like after tons of plastic surgeries. They're looking very different than in the preview pictures.

All my Gen8 are fine. 

I already re-installed the Gen9 files in the Install Manager and factory resetted the settings. I cant help it. 

But even the default gen9 character looks somewhat flawed. Maybe thats the root of the problem?

The eyes have a weird notch on the lid for example. See pictures.

Thanks guys!

927 x 1473 - 655K
1069 x 1221 - 1M


  • Richard HaseltineRichard Haseltine Posts: 97,834

    One or more shapes, probably from characters, have a non-zero default value and so every figure loads with them applied. Go to Edit>Figure>Zero>Zero Figure Shape, confirm you want to zero if prompted - is the shape now correct? Assuming it is, Edit>Figure>Memorise>Memorise Figure Shape, then File>Save As>Support Assets>Save Modified Assets - don't accept the dialogue, but make a note of what it says will save and then cancel it. You will possibly have some things listed that should be zeroed (hence cancelling) but the names listed should let you track down the errant character - you can then either uninstall it, assuming it doesn't hav an update to fix the issue, and let the creator or store know about the issue or you can edit the .dsf file (possibly after uncompessing it with the Batch Edit pane) and fix the default value in a text editor (or the beta version of Daz Studio now allows you to be selective about what is saved in the Save Modified Assets dialogue).

  • GordigGordig Posts: 9,413

    Judging by the look, I'd say a VO character has a non-zero default morph.

  • Thanks a lot! You spotted the problem really fast and your solution solved it!

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