Question about interactive Licenses

lelle69erlelle69er Posts: 1

Can these assets from "Easier Pose Creation Premium Bundle for Genesis 9" be used in an Unreal 5 game if there is no interactive license option available at all?

There also seems to be some 3D characters on sale without interactive license option available, if I buy one of these, can they be used in an Unreal 5 game?


Also, I bought "Genesis 9 Starter Essentials Expansion" with an Interactive License option and it includes "Genesis 9 Anatomical Elements", but the Product Library in My Account states that anatomical elements only has a standard license while Starter Essentials Expansion has an Interactive License.

So my question is, can "Genesis 9 Anatomical Elements" be also used in an Unreal 5 game if "Genesis 9 Starter Essentials Expansion" was bought with an Interactive License option?


  • LeanaLeana Posts: 11,160

    Items which don't have the interactive license option on their product page can't be used in games. 

    Buying interactive license for a bundle covers all items in that bundle, even if it's not listed on the individual item.

  • lelle69erlelle69er Posts: 1

    Thanks for the clarification. That's what I thought, too bad some of the great items doesn't have it.

    In my opinion, interactive license option should be on every product.

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