Can DAZ accept multiple UV MAP?

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Let's say I made a glass door in Blender
one is the frame, the other is the glass.
each has uv map, then I join them. CTRL J
The uv map becomes 2.

When exported to obj to DAZ,

can DAZ accept both uv map?
If not, how to combine the door, so it become one object in DAZ?

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  • Richard HaseltineRichard Haseltine Posts: 98,336

    I am not following the question. Daz Studio doesn't support assigning multiple textures to a single surface group based on which UV tile they occupy, but you can certainly have different surface groups using overlapping UVs and taking different maps - see any of the Daz humans for examples. Models can also have more than one set of UVs, as Genesis 8.1 does, for different purposes - export the alternative mapping as OBJ and load as a new UV set through the Surfaces pane option menu, then for any surface group on that model the UV set to be used can be selected from the Surfaces pane.

  • JamesJames Posts: 929
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    Not trying to assign mulitple texture for one surface.
    Nor loading two uv map on one surface.

    But nevermind, I got the answer.
    When joining an object in blender, if the uvmap had two different name like UVmap and UVMap,
    They won't joint together.

    Causing missing on euvmap when exported in one of the material/surface.

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  • felisfelis Posts: 3,966

    You can have different UV maps, you just need to make sure they are on different materials (surfaces).

  • PadonePadone Posts: 3,560

    Or to get materials using different uv maps on the same surface you use shells in daz studio. While blender supports material layers.

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