anilip 2 Installation problems

I purchased anilip 2 and when I'm looking to put the S.N. after installation There is no such possibility.
And when I try to load an audio file (wav file) I get an error message "Unknown 2147200905

Maybe someone knows what the problem is and how to solve it?


  • Willy2Willy2 Posts: 168

    Anilip is a rather old product. I bought it to try my hand at lip sync animation, but quickly abandoned it, due to the rather average results. However, for certain animations, with stylized characters, it can be satisfactory.

    If you want to obtain a more professional result, I advise you to use PoseRecorder which is for sale on the Daz 3D website.

    With PoseRecorder, we get closer to professional techniques and the result is of good quality because it reproduces all facial expressions quite well.

    Regarding the problem you describe with Anilip, I advise you to read this post:


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