xyz würfel an prop oder objekt bewegen // move the xyz cube closer to an object or prob

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Hallo liebe Community,

ich habe eine Frage an euch und hoffe sehr ihr könnt mir helfen.

Oftmals habe ich das Problem, dass bei Probs oder Objekten oder chars oder irgend welchen Gegenständen der Würfel für die Bewegungen (also der mit der x, y und z Achse) über welchen man die Objekte ja auch bewegen und drehen kann sonstwo ist. Zumindest viel zu weit weg von dem eigentlichen Objekt. Wenn ich jetzt Millimeterarbeit leisten will und dazu den Würfel nutzen will funktioniert das eben nicht da der ja sontwo im Raum ist. Gibt es eine Möglichkeit den Würfel (wie auch immer der heißt) näher an das Objekt heran zu bekommen?


Hello dear community,

I have a question for you and I really hope you can help me.

I often have the problem that with probs or objects or chars or any other objects, the cube for the movements (i.e. the one with the x, y and z axes) through which you can move and rotate the objects is somewhere else. At least far too far away from the actual object. If I want to do millimeter work and use the cube, it just doesn't work because it's somewhere else in the room. Is there a way to get the cube (whatever it's called) closer to the object?


Many thanks in advance!

Vielen lieben Dank im Voraus!

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    The Joint Editor can be used to move the centre point, but check that the item isn't a figure - if it is it may be that the root bone (the equivalent of the hip) has been moved and you are selecting the figure node, which is displaced from thje model: in that case using the root bone to move or zeroing the root bone and moving the figure to match would bring the centre point into alignment with the model without editing its set-up.

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    I have found the easiest way to overcome this is to create a null object and move it to the centre of the object or character that has the displaced movement / rotation gizmo.  Parent your object or character to this null and then move the null instead. This way the tool you are using, universal, move, rotate etc. is always at the centre of your mesh.

    This is also useful if poses or presets add rotations to your mesh. The null will not be affected by this and will move in screen space as expected.

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