HDRI Lighting Through Structure?

WitchavenWitchaven Posts: 29

Odd question, I love the lighting that the HDRI produces on my character when I start with it. But the trouble is the lighting gets completely changed once the character is inside. I get it, this is to emulate an exterior light, like the sun. But is there a way to keep the lighting of the character and add them to an interior? Other than rendering them in 1 shot and then rendering the scene in another, then combining them in Photoshop lol


  • barbultbarbult Posts: 23,417
    Investigate Iray Section Planes. They will let the HDRI light enter the interior as though the wall was not there.
  • FishtalesFishtales Posts: 6,068

    Try Finite Cube and, using the X<Y<Z sliders, resize it to fit inside the room. Use Dome Only and Draw Dome  - OFF. This will put the Dome inside the room and use the lighting but wont draw the Dome.

  • WitchavenWitchaven Posts: 29

    Thank you both barbult & Fishtales, I'll try these methods. 

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