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Every time I load a scene, I am being notified that an unrelated scene file is missing. It appears to be related to a character I got from a 3rd party site. I removed the character and all related files but I'm still being prompted about this "missing" scene file every time I load a scene. Where would that be referenced and how do I go about removing it? It has happened before. I think I just put dummy file in the scenes directory to get it to stop prompting me but I don't want that to be the SOP.



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    I use a custom base scene with my DS that loads my preferred render and lighting settings on open and new scene which I recommend as you never know when a product is going to mess with your setup (Options for custom scene loading is found under F2). However it should be a pretty easy fix without one. Open DS and skip through the error message(s) then save out the scene as it is that "should" overwrite whatever is causing the issue. If it doesn't can you share your error with us either via copy/paste or the log file?

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    I use a custom G9Female scene to load up the base character. I get it even when opening that stripped down scene. Here's the snippet from the log.

    2024-05-02 11:55:49.156 [ERROR] :: Open File Failed - Could not read file: /Scenes/Gigaman.duf
    2024-05-02 11:55:49.156 [WARNING] :: \src\sdksource\fileinput\dzassetdaz.cpp(6770): Parent for modifier not found: Gigaman Head.
    2024-05-02 11:55:49.156 [WARNING] :: \src\sdksource\fileinput\dzassetdaz.cpp(2485): Modifier not prepared: Gigaman Head!
    2024-05-02 11:55:49.157 [ERROR] :: Open File Failed - Could not read file: /Scenes/Gigaman.duf
    2024-05-02 11:55:49.157 [WARNING] :: \src\sdksource\fileinput\dzassetdaz.cpp(6770): Parent for modifier not found: Gigaman Body.
    2024-05-02 11:55:49.157 [WARNING] :: \src\sdksource\fileinput\dzassetdaz.cpp(2485): Modifier not prepared: Gigaman Body!
    2024-05-02 11:55:49.662 [INFO] :: Creating modifiers...
    2024-05-02 11:55:49.702 [WARNING] :: \src\sdksource\fileinput\dzassetdaz.cpp(2502): Modifier not created: Gigaman Head!
    2024-05-02 11:55:49.702 [WARNING] :: \src\sdksource\fileinput\dzassetdaz.cpp(2502): Modifier not created: Gigaman Body!

    I'll also attach the G9Female scene file.

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    Ok the file loads fine for me. The only call outs are for products I don't have and no calls for Gigaman in my log file.

    Since you are getting Gigaman calls in your error log you are going to want to clear your cache since you uninstalled the product from the other store and it may be messing with your files since the cache holds onto old data files.
         Hit F2
         In the DSON Cache Files section hit Clear
         Apply the Accept
    This will wipe out ALL of the Cache'd data information so anything you load after the wipe will take longer to load the first time. However it will be a clean load and should not be searching for files that are not called for by the file(s) you are loading. IF you are still getting the gigaman calls then one of your files in the actual data folder was replaced and I would recommend re-installing the base Genesis 9 Files to see if one of those got overwritten if you haven't already.

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    I took your advice and then added on a few more steps. I deleted the cache. I re-installed G9 essentials. I deleted my custom scene file and the G9 female character preset I had been using. Then I loaded up the base G9 character. I still got the error about the missing Gigaman scene file. The next thing I did was go through ALL of the base morph directories for all the G9 assets; tear, eyebrow, eyes etc. I found a couple of directories that still had items from Gigaman. I deleted all of those and re-installed G9 essentials again b/c why not at this point. Finally, I no longer get that error. It cleaned up countless other errors that were in the log file and now my G9 character base loads as fast as it did when I first added it. 

    I wouldn't have gotten to this point without your help and suggestions. I can't thank you enough.

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    I'm just glad we could all help!!

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