How to check the height of a character?

How can one accurately assess the height of a character? Without information about their height... To the point, I was experimenting with one-click morphs, but for some reason, they didn't match the depiction, showing a peculiar stomach and rubenesque shapes... 

So, I began using sliders to align it more closely with the picture. However, I then realized that the real issue lies in the character's height rather than the size of individual body parts.

OK, the problem is solved, but not realy, because I have to try to guess the height of the character while maintaining moderation, as I don't want the character to come out as a giant.

btw, isn't the point of one click morphs to limit this type of "fun"? Or perhaps I forgot to check something in options?


  • PerttiAPerttiA Posts: 9,746

    Create a primitive plane and move it along Y-axis until it is on top of the characters head - The value of the Y-axis dial is the height in centimeters.

    There's also this;

  • crosswindcrosswind Posts: 5,133

    If you don't have Measure Metrics plugin, the quick way is to use the above way of "primitive plane".

    After loading the primitive plane into the scene, use Align function (Windows - Panes - Align...) and the option "Stack : Above (+Y) on Y Axis, then you'll make the plane right on the the figures head top. You'll get the value from Y Translate property of the plane, in centimeters. Then deduct it by 0.18, you'll get the most accurate Height value. Then convert it to imperial unit if you need it...

  • dirtriderdirtrider Posts: 21

    There's this:

    Works great if your tired of having a runtime full of 6ft women plus its free if I remember right.

  • HerbTarlacHerbTarlac Posts: 14

    I use this: Not only does it show the size, metric or 'Merica, you can unlock the X, Y, Z scales and have it proportionally resize the figure or object to a specific size. 

    They also have tons of other useful scripts, plugins, studies and tutorials I have found extremely useful. 

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