[Released] Maidens of Mars - Princess Outfit for Genesis 9 and 8 Female [Commercial]

Now Avaiable, Maidens of Mars - Princess Outfit for Genesis 9 and 8 Female, My First New Product in the DAZ stroe.

This set consists of 12-piece outfits for the Genesis 9 and Genesis 8 Female figures and a selection of material, shader, and dForce presets.

This is the first of a series Maidens of Mars outfits with a Merchant outfit being worked on currently and plans for a warrior outfit.

Thanks to those who have already purchased this outfit or will in the future.

Promo 01.png
1000 x 1300 - 2M


  • junkjunk Posts: 1,258

    Absolutely stunning!  

  • PerttiAPerttiA Posts: 9,746

    Was trying not to buy, but failed in doing that.

  • pctech4nypctech4ny Posts: 182

    Look certainly falls somewhere between the 1980s Whelan book covers and the Dynamite Comics versions. (I first encountered Barsoom when I found a copy of "The Chessmen of Mars" in my middle-school library back in - must have been 1981 or so?) Could also be used for 1970s era Conan the Barbarian comic book type look.

    I bought it mainly for the accesories (headpiece, armbands, etc.) and to encourage you for future similar products. I've got tons of bits can be used for kitbashing something similar, but seeing how somebody else made theirs is instructive. Been playing around with the included adjustment morphs a bit, since that is something not often seen with this sort of skimpwear. It works fine in its default configuration as long as using a figure with more "reasonable" (ahem) proportions and the morphs allow for tweaking in cases of ladies with a bit more vavoom.

  • FSMCDesignsFSMCDesigns Posts: 12,653

    Looks great!

    i was just playing around in AI creating some Dejah Thoris images, so it will be nice to have a 3D option also.

  • Chris CoxChris Cox Posts: 48

    Thanks for all you r comments
    I do have two more planned in the Maidens of Mars Serise, a Merchant which is currently in Process and then a Warrior

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