Need Tips For Multi Replicate

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Hello Internet,

I would like some tips for multi replicate (like your recipe, attributes)
I don't really understand how to have beautiful shapes.. :/  whats the best ? i need to active the origin handle obligatory ?


Thanks Bryce lovers <3

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    Identifiant - I am not sure what exactly you are looking for. But I have 3 very good PDF documents from other "brycers" that gave me the permission to publish their tutorials on my website. Go to my website (link below) and open
    "Bryce & 3D CG Documents > Guests > Objects" and there are three tutorials:
    - Bryce Instancing Without the Instancing Lab - A Tutorial by Art Wade
    - How to use the Instancing Lab in Byce 7.1 Pro - A complete tutorial by Rashad Carter
    - Instancing Lab Tutorial Parts 1 to 6 Completed by Kine_magiK
    Perhaps this helps.

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