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I've been doing a bit of messing around in Blender, and made a couple of bracelets.

So I've been wondering which is the best way to fit them to a Genesis *insert generation here*. Do I keep them in a round shape, or do I model them to the shape of the arm?

The same goes for rings. Rings are round. But fingers technically aren't. They "squidge" (non-scientific term) into the shape of the ring. Keeping the ring in shape on a model, creates gaps between the ring and the model's finger. 

I'm probably either being too fussy, or "the incessant perfectionist who keeps poking me with a stick" inside of me is starting to re-surface. But it's bugging me.



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    What you are, in effect, wanting to create is a micro pressure morph for the ring wearer so their finger distorts to the ring shape. To get the micro pressure morph, you can use a smoothing modifier on the base figure having shrunk the ring so its inner surface is slightly smaller than the finger. Then export the base figure as an obj file and then re-import as a morph. Not sure how to make the morph as an auto-apply morph when the ring loads. It's possible, but without HD (not being a vendor) the fit will be only a bit better than nothing. To be honest, when I did my wedding ring freebie, I came to the conclusion it wasn't really worth it in terms of time spent for accuracy improvement. So, yes you can do it, I went through the same thought process and decided it wasn't worth it myself, but YMMV. Regards, Richard
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    I think they meant shaping the ring to the shape of the finger, not the other way around. It would be easier.

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    Yes, but.. In reality the finger is orders of magnitude less stiff than the ring and is the thing that distorts.

    But, as I said, I didn't think it was worth the effort when I looked at it.

    [As an aside, when giving birth, my wife grabbed my hand and gripped it so hard that my wedding ring bent to my squeezed finger shape. It was agony.. The ring had to be cut off later or I'd have lost almost all my finger. Heaven knows how she avoided hurting herself while doing it. Or even HOW she got the strength to do it. As a bloke I'm very glad that I didn't have to experience all she went through.]



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