Ways to reduce light brightness on characters

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So basically I have an outdoor scene and it is quite a big scene where I use the sun sky mode to light the environment. The problem I noticed is that the sun can be a little too strong on the character's skin or parts of skin. for example my current scene has my character's arm area strongly lit by the sun light (so strong that it has like a white effect on the arm, the face is okay though). Of course I can reduce the the intensity of sun but then it starts to make the environment more darker and bland or not give as much light as I want to with good quality of shadow etc.  So this is why I cant just change sun intensity or enviroment intensity etc. 

So is there a way I can set the character taking in less light. if so then how? 

Some things I messed around with are characters translucency color making it darker etc or base color darker but then it starts to take away the sun light effect on the skin. Another thing I came across with is burn highlights, by default it was 0.25 but when I set it to 0, it seemed to do a pretty good job because the skin looks lit but not to the point where it becomes white, however I dont really know what this setting is, is it okay to set it to 0 for my case? what else does it effect? 

I know thats a lot and I hope its clear enough, would appreciate any help. 

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    Burn highlights/crush blacks are tone mapping settings - they compress the top and bottom of the colour range to pure white or black, to a degree set by the value. So yes, setting it to 0 is fine.

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