Good sites to share their work for noobs?

Hello. I just got myself into 3D Daz and love it! I'd like to share my work and hear their opinions but I don't know which site can I post like DeviantART or something liike this. For both SFW and NSFW. TIA


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    SFW stuff you can share in the Daz Gallery. What do you mean by "opinions"? If you're looking for constructive feedback, like how you can improve your renders, the best thing to do is start your own thread in Art Studio and participate in the new user challenges. If you just want people to be able to comment on your work, I can't speak to which gallery is the best for that. I've got my stuff on the Daz Gallery, DA and Instagram, and I can't say I get significantly more interaction on one than another.

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    I would suggest Renderosity for SFW and Renderotica for NSFW.


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