Head propagating scale issue

edwardedward Posts: 0

Hi all,

New to Daz3d and enjoying it very much.

I created a character which required a bigger head. Used the  head propagation scale slider and increased the entire head just as I wanted. Now for some reason in the file/project whenever I try and tweak the head size it only effects the face and ears. The skull/cranium no longer scales so you get this hideous effect where just the heads features change. It still works as it should on other characters but the one i'm tweaking seems to not like it. Have I accidentally locked a setting so the skull isn't affected in the head propagation scale? Any help appreciated.

Also if I import the gen8 male back into the file to replace my character his head is bigger than it should be...


Many thanks 


  • Richard HaseltineRichard Haseltine Posts: 97,395

    Does the figure load with a big head generally, or just into this one scene?

  • edwardedward Posts: 0

    Hi, just in this scene. If I open a new file and import gen8 male his head is fine

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