[Commercial] Tinkercad : Easy Modeling for Creating DAZ Studio Assets

(Digital Art Live event - where a similar video presentation of this wll be available in the DAZ 3D store)

You can register for the free introductory portion of this event here

Rgcincy (Richard Schafermeyer) is an experienced modeler who has written his own 3D modeling software (Shape Magic) plus is a very experienced DAZ Studio user.

Over the last year he’s discovered Tinkercad, a free on-line modeling tool. It’s easy to use for creating models destined for 3D printing and producing assets for 3D software, such as DAZ Studio. Rich has been very impressed with Tinkercad and he’d now like to show you the benefits of this application.

Rich will show you Tinkercad so that you can…

  1. Understand the Tinkercad interface comprehensively
  2. Create simple to more complex 3D models.
  3. Transform your models into a Minecraft or Lego style
  4. Export the models for use in 3D printing and 3D programs
  5. Import the models into DAZ Studio and add textures
  6. Learn how to import models from DAZ Studio for modification
  7. Utilise the Tinkercad library of pre-made models in Daz Studio
  8. See how models can be animated by using gravity in Simlab
  9. Play with materials and connectors in Simlab.



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