Daz working on two PCs

hello people, I have a question, can daz 3d studio work on two PCs,?? Or do I have to create a new profile and buy the things I already have?


  • LeanaLeana Posts: 11,085

    You can install DS and your content on two PC, that's allowed as long as both PC are yours. 

  • mateskulalamateskulala Posts: 84

    they are mine, I bought a new PC
    lenovo legion
    graphics card rtx 4040
    processor Amd 7700 3.4 hz
    32 GB ram
    1t disk space
    can someone explain to me why daz 3d starts to chop after a while during animation, especially when playing the animation, it chops, then even the movements I make, this PC shouldn't have this problem when my laptop didn't and my ntb doesn't either
    Hp omen
    graphics card nvidia rtx 2070
    intel core I7
    32 gb of ram, what can it be, as I say, on a laptop that I've had for a long time and I've been using it ANIMATIONS GO WITHOUT CUTTING PLEASE HELP ON THE PC I HAVE PIXEL BOST ON TOO! it helps for a while, but after a long time it also cuts. maybe it will be that when I add more characters or I don't know, please help me, someone, the games run without problems

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