Troubles when creating custom morph for G8F based on combination of other morph dials

I've been looking online for a while now, but have not found anything that helped me understand or solve this.  I have a number of morphs going into a character that I'd like to consolidate into a single morph.  I've gotten as far as exporting the character as an .obj and re-importing to create the morph on a new Genesis 8 figure, and everything looks great - until I try and pose the character.  I assume it has to do with JCMs, but I'm not entirely sure what that means, or if what I'm trying to do is even possible because of some underlying issues.

Does anyone know if there's a tutorial out there that would help me understand what's going on, or able to provide some input?

Thank you ahead of time!!!


  • GordigGordig Posts: 9,282

    You should do an ERC freeze to link all the morph dials together instead of exporting as a single object, because that destroys the links to JCMs.

  • Thank you!  I wasn't sure exactly what I should be looking for, but that led to a video that explains the same problem I'm having!

  • Richard HaseltineRichard Haseltine Posts: 97,395

    As Gordig says - apply your character, using the existing morph settings not the OBJ, and then right-click in the Parameters pane and check Edit Mode (if it isn't already checked)

    1. right-click in the group you want to hold your character (e.g. Actor>People) and select Create New Property
    2. In the dialogue that opens enter a name and label (the label is what appears in the property list, the name is the internal identifier which isn't user-facing and absolutely must be unique), usually turn on respect Limits and set the minimum to either -100% or 0 according to taste. Clicjk Accept
    3. Set the new property to 100%
    4. Right-click on the new property and select ERC Freeze
    5. In the dialogue that opens run your eye down the list of Sub-components to make sure there is nothing that shouldn't be there (you don't usually want to include any poses, for example, or expression controls). Click Accept.
    6. Test your new morph controller

    Assuming all is well you can either save a Scene subset (if this is for a specific project, for example) or a morph asset (if you want to have the character available all the time): to save as a morph File>Save As>Suport Assets>Morph Asset (or Modifier Asset, according to the change log the command is getting updated to reflect the scope of the function); in the dialogue that opens the Author and Product names are used for folder names within the data folder for the character, so you know what to back up.


  • Thank you both, this worked perfectly!!!

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