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Hi all,

I have a problem with the timeline and the keys.

I often use just one scene with a lot of objects. Most of this objekts are still and dont move around. But all of them have now in frame 0 a key. I dont know why. But that is not my main question. My real problem is with the objects I make my animations.

I delete all keys from the object. Only loads my saved pose into frame 0. So I only have keys for the pose in frame 0 for the object. If I now move the slider of the timeline, my object moves. I don't know why, I've been trying for days but couldn't find a solution.
Why does an object move even though it has no keys in the timeline?
Thank you in advance and greetings!


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    Are you sure there are no keys on the figure, using Pose Controls, if you are clearing the bones (or vice versa)?

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    Yes I am sure. All is clear. No keys left...

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    If you selected all Types but still no other keyframes could be shown... try Clear Animation first before loading pose preset to frame zero...

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