How to manually install content?


things got a bit confusing. 

I have a few folders of content on my desktop (morphs, clothing, materials...). I want to install it manually and correctly.

What are the correct folders to drag everything into? 

I like to have things structured and organized. Maybe I can create own folders to prevent that everything is scattered in 100 sub-folders.



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    Look in  the folders/zips - the Data and runtime folders, and any other folders at the same level of the  package, need to go into the actual content directory you use (e.g. the My Library or My Daz 3D Library folders) where they will merge with the existing folders of the same name. The user-facing files (not Data or Runtime) can usually be moved, though it is better to use links or just use categories to organise.

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    Instructions for manual installation

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    travislynwood Don't be scared off

    To install manually any content into Daz Studio, you should look for the DAZ 3D folder the one where all file contents are in this case look for a directory called "My DAZ 3D Library"

    All what you need is an archive program to extract the content(s) into it

    The most common Directory/folder structure on a Zip file (rarely some content is distributed as RAR archive)

    Now pay attention, the folder structure looks like this:





    All you have to do is open the zip file with any program you feel comfortable  PeaZip is free to use, other good program is WinRAR the cost for this is reasonable, the number of licenses depend of how many computers you want to use the program.

    I use WinRAR because I am accustomred to it, fairly simple to use.

    You must select the these four folders and extract them into My DAZ 3D Library.

    The files will be copied into the respective folder structure.

    Keep the zip files into an external hard drive, you may need them later if you re-install Daz Studio again.

    My installed Daz Studio files are on Drive D, because I wanted it to be like that, you may have that in Drive C, then you may locate that in C:\Users\YourName\Documents\DAZ 3D, then My DAZ 3D Library is there.

    I put an screenshot as an example

    Good Luck!

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