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Hey Guys, how are you?

Im new to the community and to AI 3d art generation in general. Just wondering if anybody can help me...Im trying to get onto the beta version of Tafi as Im trying to create graphic 3D images for my game however, I am unable to get into TAFI. With a little bit research I was redirecvted to DAZ. Can anyone explain me the ralationships between those two and whats the best way to start on TAFI. I contacted TAFI on their website but no response.


Super happy to join this amazing community and thank you for taking the time to help me.


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    AFAIK, no beta of Tafi AI Text-to-3D has been released... Just check the page there -

    Then Join Beta... I got no other info. except for an email confirmation after joined beta around nine months ago...

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