Picking brains about a pose convertor

Ok, since getting into DAZ, I've been making some real progress but am now hitting walls in using my Poser content. When I import my custom morphed V4 figures the go bat****. Bodies are malformed and explode when I use poses on them. When I use character faces for V4, the eyes pop out of the skull and are not able to be moved back into place, moving an eye moves the head and destroys stuff more. I really need to use my V4 characters (and even 1 in v3 format) but it seems Daz is picky about some of my Poser stuff. I am looking at a convertor that takes poses from Poser and converts them to .DUF. https://www.daz3d.com/batch-convert-gen4-poses-to-duf-format

Will this work for the V4 morphs++ as well? I dont mind remaking my characters with the V3 and V4 that come in DAZ but my Poser morphs++ dont work and premade character faces do the eye thing, so I am hoping using .duf files may be more compatible. I''m between Poser and DAZ and I just cant make much headway anymore. This would be the cheapest option if it works for the morphs++ as to buy them again for DAZ is $32 and the characters I use that I can find are $20-30 each. I dont make money on commisions anymore so theres not a lot of disposable income to spend thousand and thousands for DAZ assets. 

$14 for pose convertor or $32 for DAZ V4 shapes++ or $275 to buy the latest version of Poser (but I friggin LOVE IRAY)


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    No, the pose converter only changes the file type, doesn't change the end result of the poses and certainly would not affect morphs.

    Some free pose converters:


    I've been encouraging people for years to be nice to themselves.
    Genesis uses V4/M4 textures. And also supports clothing conversions via the auto-fit dialog.

    With this product:

    [n.b. also comes in a bundle and/or other legacy characters do]
    which will provide working morph shapes for Genesis to resemble V4/M4.

    Now, there is a morph conversion "set" of products to bring their morphs forward into Genesis however trying to figure all what is needed is rather convoluted IMHO as never have I seen "all" of them on sale in any one sale, {like maybe listed on the same page dear marketing team}.

    AFAIK they also would require the aforementioned shaping product.

    Welcome to Daz Studio :-)

    If I can piece together the products for transferring morphs over I'll come back and list ... in the meantime if somebody else knows what they all are, feel free to jump in ;-)

    Here we go:  https://www.daz3d.com/genesis-generation-x2

    Now, that 10% off indicates that it is part of a sale basket. I'll see if I can find it, 'cause it should be a lot cheaper.

    {***} ... okay, it's priced like it should have been in one of the grab bags BUT it is not showing and none of the coupons are working with it. So if interested keep checking the grab bags, hopefully it'll reappear and/or get back to those nice sale prices of being less than $6.



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    I cannot see why your Poser files are not working 

    no need to rebuy, if you bought them from DAZ they should be in your library 

    othewise you probably have some corrupted warez version 

    did you run the bat files to update them when adding new morphs and do you have the PowerLoader files (which will do this too)?

    that is how you should load them in DAZ studio as it adds the morphs without having to inject them from the pose library, you just tick the ones you want

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    Thank you greatly for the guidance. I am still very new to DAZ and the file structure and loading items is killing me. I had always thought it was about 95% compatible with poser runtimes. I have the seperate poser runtime folder on an external SSD so I can use it on any of my PCs (I have 10 lol ) and I put dozens and dozens of hours arranging the structure to make my workflow fast when finding objects but DAZ seems to just be everywhere and under 2 tabs ( I did load in my Poser runtime folder ). I found the powerloader and I've seen the BAT files but dont know how to use it all yet. WHen I stored all of my compressed assets I did a lot of sorting and pulled out the DAZ stuff so I had the Poser stuff sorted and easy to find so now I have to go through the messy DAZ storage folder and see what I have.

    And exactly which Genesis uses V4 textures? Theres so many and it seems you can only do certain things with certain versions and this is also beating me in the head with its complexity. I agree some of that is because I've been a Poser artist of almost 20 years. DAZ comes with what I assume is Genesis (1) which I was going to try to convert my V3 characters into since the main set of clothing for V3 is actually available for Genesis (1) as well but the skin maps and facial morphs certainly wont translate. I am yearining to get up and running and back to rendering like I used to but I feel stuck between software atm. I have been watching the Daz masterclass videos when I get a chance to sit and absorb material so I should probably put more emphasis on that as well.

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    you can use both

    I do

    Genesis 1 does have M4 and V4 UV options included in the base starter essentials but you would still need to buy morph packages, grab some freebies or sculpt it yourself in another application.

    Clothing can be autofitted

    I find V4 and M4 a lot less resource heavy but obviously dated

    read some tutorials watch some videos and try stuff, Google yourtopic:site.daz3.com for specifics as the documentation explains stuff much better thsn I can

    those bat files only needed to be manually run for Poser (and Carrara BTW) Powerloader  runs them, you just use that to load your figures and it puts up the dialogues for everything 

    just make sure no duplicate cr2 files for V4 or M4 (A4, H4, G4 etc) hidden in your runtimes there can only be one for each figure 


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    Yes normally when we say "Genesis" we are referring to the first Genesis. The rest officially have numbers after the word, i.e. Genesis 2, Genesis 3, Genesis 8, Genesis 9.

    Genesis comes the best prepared to work with the legacy figures of V4 and M4.

    The rest of the Genesis clans require more products such as for the uvsets/texture conversions, auto-fit clones, etc.

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    also you are in for a treat using Generation 4 and other legacy figures in D|S

    you don't need magnets for clothes in D|S

    you can click edit figure transfer active morphs to fit clothing without unimesh fits

    you can even use edit, geometry add smoothing modifier to make them fit even better

    and you can use Dforce on many welded items or Poser dynamic clothes 

    (unwelded clothing will fall apart but it did that in Poser with dynamic cloth too)

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    Daz3d created Victoria4 to work in both Poser and DazStudio natively,  and V4 has always worked in DazStudio since release day.  Same for M4,  they were Daz Studio flagship characters,  long before Genesis even existed. 

    Not sure why your customized version of V4 is not working, but perhaps something to do with custom morphs. 

    If you have V4 but didn't buy it in the store here,  where it has been sold for over a decade and a half,  that may be the issue.



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