Is it possible to convert expressions? 9/8.1 to 8

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I have the batch converters by Zev0 and haven't had any problems converting poses, even though I don't use them very often.  There's an expression set for G9 that I would really like to buy, but I would want to use it almost exclusively on G8.  There's also a similar set for 8.1.  The set is called Z Talk To Me Mix and Match Expressions.

The product page for the batch converters doesn't say anything about expressions, and the few I tried to convert with it do nothing... and it's not called an expression converter, lol, so I don't think it works with expressions.  I saw a few pose sets for talking/conversation for G8 but they don't really have a variety of expressions, or have no expressions at all.  I usually do my own posing, but if I'm trying to do a series of renders which include a model talking, or animating a model speaking, it would save me a lot of time to not have to manually pose their face for subtle changes to emulate speech.

Is there a way to convert the set I linked to above to work with G8?  Or a way to convert one from G8.1 to G8?  I keep finding ways to convert G8 things to 8.1 and 9, but not the other way around.


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    I've seen no converter that can convert Expressions (Pose Control dials) from G9/G8.1 to G8.0... Technically even if you ERC Bake the expressions, as G8.1 and G9 use FACS expressions, they cannot be directly converted to Base Pose - Head Expressions on G8.0... i.e. they're not backward compatible...

    The only way is to convert them as morphs but that'll be cumbersome IMO...

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    @crosswind - Yeah, I don't relish the idea of creating that many morphs... I've done a couple of morphs to make a few things forward or backward compatible (of shapes), but not very many and the process is kinda tedious.  I guess I can make my own talking expressions and save them out for re-use.

    Looking at saving options I don't see an expression preset, do I save self created expressions as a pose preset?  With all the poses I've created I haven't even bothered to save any lol, although I guess I still do have them in my scene saves.

    I don't see a support asset save type for pose or expressions... so I'm assuming it must be the pose preset?

    Nevermind, I found a whole bunch of tutorials. :)

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