Ancient Vessels [Commercial]

A product set I'm currently working on. Consists of 6 unique Ancient Vessels with 3 texture presets each. Plus a modern style art room for relaxing and viewing pleasure.

Any critiques or comments are welcome.


1000 x 1414 - 787K
1000 x 1414 - 771K
1000 x 1414 - 820K
1000 x 1414 - 768K


  • acharyapolinaacharyapolina Posts: 726

  • HighlandHighland Posts: 145

    They look nice. Are the patterns based on real world ancient vessels?

  • acharyapolinaacharyapolina Posts: 726

    Yes and No. Some of the Patterns are more Egyptian, Roman, Mayan, or Greek in design, while others are more general symbols that I thought would go along with the piece. The pottery pieces are based off of real world pottery, with a bit of my imagination as well.

  • 3WC3WC Posts: 1,098

    LOL. From the thread title, I thought these were going to be ancient viking ships or something. Not that kind of vessel, brain!

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