Unknown argument "-hexbridge" passed to application.

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I can send items from Daz Studio to Hexagon, but I cannot send items back to Daz Studio from Hexagon.

Nothing happens.  Daz Studio's logfile prints the following information when trying:

[INFO] :: Unknown argument "-hexbridge" passed to application.

I have no other information to work with but that sounds to me like the bridge isn't setup... buuut.. lol why can I send items to hexagon if it's not setup?  I checked for an external companion file for the bridge to download in DIM, there was none that I could find.  I did what was recommended to do here on the forum, which was to point Daz Studio to hexagon.exe in Preferences, and in Hexagon, point it to Daz Studio's executable.

The same behavior occurs in Public Beta and release channels of Daz Studio (current version and respectively).  When testing each one I did remember to make sure Hexagon was pointing at the correct executable for Daz Studio.

Using the public beta 64bit Hexagon - nVidia Studio Drivers 551.23 - Windows 10

Having the exact same issue on another system.  What am I missing for the bridge to work correctly?

Does Hexagon even have a log file.. which would presumably give me more information to work with?  I can't find one in its directory, and the manual for Hexagon doesn't mention a logfile at all.


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    The only way I was able to get it to work was to follow @PedroC suggestion in this thread.

    He stated to send "nothing" from Daz Studio to Hexagon, then open your file in newly created window in Hexagon and send it to Daz Studio. (worked)

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