Need help creating puppies with Dog 8

I need help creating puppies with Dog 8 (SKU:50973) . Admittedly, I am not a dog person and know nothing about dogs, but my little stylized child character has a puppy. I purchased Dog 8.  Found that there is no option, within the product to create a puppy version. Tried using its morph options, but the big problem I had was shrinking the legs to puppy size. There are separate puppy options available for Dog 8, but I don't like them for my character. I think that either the Labrador ( SKU:53425 ) or  Dachshund ( SKU:53419 ) addons will make perfect puppies for my kids. Before I make the mistake of purchasing, only to be disappointed, is it possible to turn these adults into cute little puppies?

I have been burned before.  Purchased Toonimal Puppy months ago, in anticipation of using it for my stylized toon character. Did not like the exaggerated look as much as I thought I would. Purchased Millennium Puppy LE, Millennium Dog Starter, and Millennium Dog LE in hopes of creating cute puppies. Found out the hard way that, though Millennium Dog Starter said it worked with Millennium Dog LE, it doesn't. Nor does it work with Millennium Puppy LE. Plus, the Millennium Dog Starter morphs do not allow for shortening legs or bodies. So, I need help creating cute puppies for my kids.


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    You can try selecting the dog's leg bones and adjusting their Y Scale values to shorten them. Here's a quick shape morph that I put together without much in the way of references, if that's of any use to you. It's just the basic morphs with the legs shortened and head proportion dialed up. You're welcome to use it as a starting point, if it helps. Also, there's Benji the puppy here in the store. He's a cutie. I also remember that there was a puppy morph for the Hivewire Dog. The Hivewire dog and its add-ons may still be available over on Renderosity.

    QX Puppy
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