Does having a lot of morphs loaded on a character affect render time?

I have purchased many charcters and morphs for the G8 and G9 generations, and am aware this affects how long it takes a figure to load. Once loaded into memory, I assume it would affect how many figures I could load into the same scene. (If each figure has a ton of morphs loaded, each one takes up RAM so lots of morphs per figure = less figures per scene... right? So you're more likely to hit the black screen, not enough GPU for your scene issue when you go to render, correct?)

But once you have the scene finished, assuming you had enough GPU, would having a lot of morphs/characters affect the render time?


  • It doesn't directly affect render time as only the final shape iss ent across, but it maya ffect the system resoruces available for preparing and managing the render.

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