Clothes disappear in the figure


I'm a beginner and I'm having difficulty dressing the figures. When I select a piece of clothing, it is positioned on the figure but it is partly cropped. I tried to modify the parameters and enlarge the object or to move it, or even to fix it on the figure but nothing works. I tried with several figures and clothes and I don't fand an answer in the totrials. Have you ever had this problem ? 




Capture 2.PNG
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  • You appear to have a morph applied to the figure - by design or because something isntalled was not set yup correctly - and that is not being projected into the fitted items - which generally any morph should be, certainly suggesting this is a badly done character shape from somewhere.

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    This Basic Wear for Boxers comes from G8 Starter Essentials. When Auto-Fit dialogue popped up, you selected Genesis 8 Male from the dropdown list of  "...originally designed for" ?

    If you did, it should also fit on Matt G9.

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