[Released] Modern Home Essentials Room Builder [Commercial]

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The MHE Collection strives to bring a classic look and feel in a variety of materials for you to be able to customize your scenes to your tastes! This particular set is a kit-bash made specifically to allow you to create a variety of rooms to make your dream home while maintaining the aesthetic set up by the previous sets in the Collection!

Included are most things you will need to create some stunning rooms and also included are six prebuilt rooms to get you started and show you how to use the set to achieve some great realism.

With the set, you get four different types of floors that you can tile (each in four different materials, of course) to create multiple styles of your choosing for your rooms! A chevron floor, a regular plank floor as well as square and rectangle tiled floors are available!

The set includes multiple wall lengths with matching baseboards that come up to a standard 240cm height, as well as additional wall pieces adding an extra 150cm to create taller ceilings and even angled ceilings for some extra oomph. To add more variety, two arch sizes are included, as well as French doors and a single door to setup help create some unique rooms. The windows included are floor to ceiling and also contain smaller versions that match the 150cm height of the additional wall pieces to allow you to create a true floor to ceiling feature wall! The largest wall also comes with a few add-on components to give you a stunning feature wall made of brick, horizontal slats or vertical planks!

Detail oriented elements are included as well; a simple ceiling lamp with modern light switches with dimmers, both in double and single format are included, as well as type B and type F double and single outlets to match both North American and European aesthetics. Additionally, wall heaters in both large and small sizes help add some more realism to the walls of your rooms.

The six premade rooms vary in size and appearance. Two are large double rooms, split up by arches with large floor to ceiling windows in going up to the slanted ceiling. The other four are single rooms, ranging from darker cozy ones to a small solarium that is ready to house all your plants.

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    Thanks so much guys laugh

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    Any chance you will do another pack or an update of this to include stairs (normal, spiral, single etc), and glass doors and walls to outside (sliding and hinged). 

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    Happyboy said:

    Any chance you will do another pack or an update of this to include stairs (normal, spiral, single etc), and glass doors and walls to outside (sliding and hinged). 

    Absolutely! I plan on doing a few more builder packs, including what you said and more, like thermostats and HVAC systems, railing and split elevation floors, etc!
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    Bought it and I`m very happy with it!

    Can`t wait for new packs!

    Great product!!!!

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    I bought this set recently and I'm having a lot of fun with it. I love building things in Daz Studio. 

    So far I've made a classroom, a children's room, a play room, a dance studio, a random lets-have-a-bit-of-everything-because-I-can room, a library, a drawing room, and now I'm about to put together a museum of crystals and gemstones. After that I'm going to make a really really big kitchen full of yummy food. :)

    Thank you for making this set.  

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