A Hanger for clothes?

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Is iut possible to make a hanger for clothes in our libraries? They would need to drape correctly, perhaps fit to an invisible figure / skeleton inside to make them flat. It would probably need to be for a specific series of figures. (G9, G8F, G8M, etc...)
Or if it exists, could someone point me to this?


Shirt attached to Home One hanger Z pos -1 vs 0 (and it doesn't matter is they're attached differently, or not at all).

shirt 1.jpg
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shirt 2.jpg
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  • There is this one that has a bunch of clothes on hangers https://www.daz3d.com/hang-it-up-storefront-and-storefront-fillers

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    How do you plan to use it?

    Is it something like this?

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  • There's all kinds of clothes on hangers in this: https://www.renderosity.com/freestuff/items/62619/cupboard-stuff-freebie-daz you just would need to update the shaders.

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    I would like to hang not stock clothes. Show the character with the flattened item on a hanger in their hand. Then the next panel they're wearing it. (Supersuit, period costume. Halloween type). One of the characters works in the studio wardrobe department.
    felis' picture is how I would like ot to work. flattened with the sleeves hanging down, but moveable. I'll pick up both the examples for fillers.

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    My picture was fairly simple.

    I modelled a hanger, and then placed a piece of clothing on it and simulated.

    But the requirement is that the clothing you want to use shall be able to fully simulate, i.e. welded, and without areas with too high mesh density.

    Many clothing items in shop are dForce enabled, but you should be aware of that some/many has weightmaps. I order to simulate it on a hanger, you can remove dForce modifier, and then reapply (and hope that the clothing still behave properly during simulation).


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    OK, cheat time, clothes on figure, scale z 40%, hide figure, export as OBJ. reimport. 

    Result lightweight, but not poseable.

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