How to save an object as content file?

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Hello guys, I'm creating objects in blender without texture and then i apply textures in Daz3d with the shaders. My the question is how can i save or export these object like Daz Store products with the textures in a content file as data+prop+runtime. I hope i could explain right.

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  • It is a good idea, for portability, to have the textures in a content directory in /runtime/textures/Some folder before you apply them - or to reapply them after moving them there. If they are not in a content directory then DS will use the absiolute paths (starting from the drive identifier) when saving. The use File>Save As>Support Assets>Figure/Prop Asset to save a preset for loading and the files in the Data folder for the shape, UVs, any morphs and so on - the options dialogue lets you specify which content directory to use, at the top (I always advise using a custom directory for this and the textures, so that you can just zip it up when done) and then fields for the Author and product names, which are used for the folder names in the /data folder while the file requester dialogue lets you set the location for the preset used to load it.

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