OOT Hair is crashing Daz for me

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I'm sorry I have to ask, I'm pretty sure this has probably discussed ad nauseum but I can't find any threads. From what I understand the new version of Daz had some initial clash with OOT Products and was fixed? I downloaded the new version and didn't really have many problems except for with Camila, Linda Pony Tail and Hair with Glasses. Anytime I try to render/spot render a scene with those hair styles, Daz shuts down. I have uninstalled and re-installed twice now and am still having that issue with these. Does anyone know what I can or should do in order to use them again?

Thanks for any advice.


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    Here is the last thread on this: https://www.daz3d.com/forums/discussion/669061/a-bunch-of-oot-outoftouch-hair-crashes-daz-studio-in-latest-version

    Basically the issue is with a shared resource and so if the last OOT hair that you installed is not an updated one then it will cause others to be affected. Basically you should make sure that all your OOT hairs are updated and if that still does not fix it then you can fix it yourself in the scene by removing any image map from the "Transmitted Colour" property in the hair surface tab.

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    So if I wear to buy a different OOT hair (so many) and download that, would that fix the problem too?

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    You wouldn't necessarily need to do that. You could probably just re-install one of the ones you have that has definitely been updated.

    Both of the two hairs you mentioned were fixed on 2023-01-24 and so you can just re-install one of those - ensuring that you have downloaded the latest version.

  • Installation order matters, as SofaCitizen notes, but so does the emthod - idf you use connect (install through Daz Studio) then each product keeps its files separate, and it's a matter of which DS loads. It may also be that you have an older version of the file in a different content directory, one that is found before the updated file.

    You can just fix the issue yourself - select the hair in the scene, select it in the Editor tab of the Surfaces pane, type transm in the filter box (optional, but makes it easier to find the problem) and remove any maps from transmitted colour by clicking the button to the left of the colour widget and picking None from the menu.

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