Transition from city to countryside

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So I have a small city made of city blocks in a grid formation, but i want a scene where one of the blocks is the last in the city and linked to the only road out of town that leads to the countryside or mountains. But I have no idea how to make this look convincing. Any advice? Or is there a freebie (or maybe even a product) that can do this?



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    Do you have an idea of how you want the transition to happen?  Could you perhaps "cheat" by having a row of bushes that separate the end of your city with fields?

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    a HDRi with a road lined up with your main street could work for example

    trees lining the edge of your road can obscure some of the transition and maybe this set at the end


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    I've never gotten around to trying HDRI stuff, are they similar to skydomes?

    I'll try using a row of trees/bushes and stick a road between them I think.


    Thanks for your suggestions, guys.

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    Kitbashing a bunch fo random stuff together and hoping for visual and logical consistency is tricky.

    Faking scene transition with HDRI, i think would only work in limited scenarios and would depend on your camera placement and whether the transition is part of scene or just part of background.  E.g., if just part of background, then the transition can be out of focus.

    anyway, im not sure most cities naturally just straight-up transition from city to country within a 1 block radius.  But assuming that is what you want to do, then if it was me I would make a road going through the scene and then build the countryside and city block around that road.

    If you're restricting yourself to the city block you have and want to extend that to a countryside road, i would try extending the road you have in your scene outwards if possible (unclear if possible from the scene assets you are using?) and then put a country landscape around that road.  There are country scenery products or you can make your own with a bunch of planes and mesh grabber to sculpt it, then ultrascatter plants and rocks etc.  But environment creation from scratch like this can take a lot of time.

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    Thinking about it I should probably have started with a landscape first, and put the blocks on that.

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