Would making Hexagon 2.5.1 Large Address Aware help at all? (and/or decrease crashes?)

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I've just recently finished re-installing everything Daz-wise on my computer, and read that Bryce 7 (7.1 Pro) benefits from being made LargeAddressAware. I was wondering if Hexagon 2.5 would benefit too, as the other 32bit software I'll be using from Daz.

I know from previous experience that Hexagon can be a nightmare for crashes, so would this help, or hinder? Has anyone tried?

[Edit: will be running on a 16Gb computer, and an 8Gb laptop, respectively... both 64bit, Windows 10 Pro]

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    Yes it does some although maybe not noticeably if all is going well ... I recall the actuall startup was faster but we're talking seconds not hours.

    It allows Hexagon to use more memory space for its operating purposes ... in other words, one can work on larger projects than without it. It does not make it a 64 bit program though; it still has its limits.

    Solutions for crashes do not normally involve this utitlity.

    I found Hexagon to become a lot more stable after the Video card was updated last Feb.

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    ...even with LAA, I Hex still freezes up after 15 min or so.  (Win7 SP1)

  • have a look at this post, SteveAtHome and Monkman have some tips which may help.


  • Thanks to all of you for your advice.  I finally made it LAA, on the basis it doesn't seem to hurt it and might help.

    With returning to 3D modelling after a fair time away, I do want to try and get into using the modeller in Carrara 8.5 Pro, but I know Hexagon far better at the moment (and apparently it has one or two niceties that Carrara doesn't).

    Thank you again for your help!

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    I rarely have issues using windows 8.0; I just use it for morphs though. Maybe that is why, although I have had it crash a couple of times.

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    (and apparently it has one or two niceties that Carrara doesn't).

    ....more like 50 or 100 :) 

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    LAA for Hex doesn't fix the problems it has with newer video drivers and OpenGL issues. That is the primary cause of Hexagon crashes. The only thing that will "fix" that is to setup your driver environment properly so it doesn't present Hex with things it doesn't understand or simply can't handle well. Hex has several toggles in its settings options, but the real "fix" for most modern video drivers is going to rely on customizing the video environment using external settings. Setting up the driver to disable certain effects/options when the Hexagon .exe is run will make Hexagon much more stable than any amount of memory paging you can throw at it. (I posted some custom setting recommendations in a thread here, not too long ago.)

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