2 versions of Hexagon_ Version ?

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I have just installed version, it runs without any problems.

It was installed by DazCentral (64-bit) = 151,4 MB

Now I have looked at the same version2.5.2.109 that is on my PC, it is smaller. = 68,1 MB

Are there any differences here? Is the 64 bit version so bigger?

Where can I download this 64 bit manually?

I have no desire to install the Daz Install Manager for this reason



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  • I can't recall - are the 32 and 64 bit versions (in the beta) in the same installer?

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    Hello Richard,

    No, not a beta, we used to download this 32bit version, it doesn't seem to exist anymore, only as 64bit in DazCentral.

    We like to have control over the software and have archived some versions to external hard drives so we can install them on all our PC's without Daz Central.

    Do you know where I can get the 64bit, except in DazCentral, I can only install there, not download?


    We created all of our models with Hexagon, but there are two issues that can be worked around, but we wanted to see if it was better in the new version.





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    The 64-bit version is only avaiable as a beta, which must be downloaded with Daz3D Install Manager (DIM).

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