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Some of you may already know, but this past Sunday, we lost our dear friend you all know as SloshWerks. He passed peacefully in his home with the love of his life nearby. Please help us remember him by sharing a remembrance, a picture with a product of his, an anecdote or a story.  Slosh's family and friends will be watching our thread. Thank you.

And since I know it will be asked, for now his family has decided to keep his store open.



  • For my own part, he and Lyoness were the first vendors here at Daz I really got to know. We'd spend hours with voice chat open working on our separate products, sharing our screens and telling each other we were doing it wrong :D The first time I was away from my kids ever was a trip to visit Daz headquarters. He and the other folks there were very gracious when I'd go to the corner of the bar to sing my kids bedtime songs to get them in bed, and when my daughter was getting upset because I wasn't there, he was happy to snap a selfie with a goofy face with me to cheer her up. We got along so well, we often joked we must have been siblings (and he reminded me a lot of my dad). I'm going to miss him more than I'll ever admit, but seeing how happy he was the last few years after he and the one that got away found each other again, is at least a comfort. 

    And as for art that I've made that used his products, almost every promo I have in the store uses his hair shaders, and I know I've used his sets in a bunch of promos as well. 

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    Slosh and I began our Daz PA life on the same day... August 9, 2013.
    We both released our first daz products into the store.
    We became friends thereafter, and he was my work husband for many years.  He encouraged me to learn more, try out new apps, he helped me when he could.  He's just a lovely individual. Time goes by, and although we didn't stay super close for the entire decade we've known each other... all it took was to pick up a phone or a simple DM, and it was like old times.  I am terribly heartbroken at his passing.  I feel there is so much for him still to accomplish. 
    Dear Slosh, you've left a hole in my heart that will never heal.... I'll just have to get used to that emptiness.  Please cause havoc in heaven.

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    Very sad to see such news. Condolences to his family.


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    Slosh was one of the sweetest, kindest PAs I've gotten to know over the years. He was a very talented modeler and he would always make time to chat. We had talked about collaborating on a project together, but that never came to pass (mostly because I'm a slow PA when it comes to production and I didn't want to slow him down.) He was generous with his time, his knowledge, and his friendship. I watched him grow and progress as a PA. He did such amazing work. Lots of beautiful details.

    Every time he'd have another health setback my heart would break for him. He didn't deserve all the things that got thrown at him - with the exception of the love of his life. I was so thrilled when he found the love that would help buoy him in the last several years. Everyone deserves love - Slosh especially.

    The world has dimmed but Vallhalla shines brighter with his presence - a talented and strong polygon warrior. He will be missed..  

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    I did not know Slosh all that well in the time that I've been a PA, and I don't have any stories. I can say though that he was generous towards me. I can say that I shared his joy upon finding someone to be happy with, and that I mourn his passing. Every single character I make has his hair shaders on them. I love his little plushy freeby, Mochi, named after his own cat. It'll have a spot next to Mom's Teddy now. I'll raise a glass for you. Rest well Slosh. You've earned it. Edit: Below is a promo I did using one of his clothing sets.
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    I met Slosh after I'd returned to DAZ after a hiatus. He always made me laugh and always had an encouraging word and it was so much fun to share images I'd made with his products with him. Beyond his hair shaders which are phenomenal, the vast majority of my promo images use at least a portion of one or the other of his environments. They were some of my favorites to use. If I couldn't decide what I wanted something to look like I always went to one of his sets. I would refer to it as "sprinkling a little Slosh on it", and it always made everything better. He always had ideas, things he wanted to work on and it breaks my heart that those things will now remain forever unfinished.

    One of the last things he said to me, after I'd shared with him the inspiration for an idea I had, was "If you can do it, I hope you go for it.".... So now, of course, I will. And I will sprinkle a little Slosh on it, and somewhere, down in the description, it will be dedicated to Slosh. <3

    I hope he's watching, and I hope it still makes him smile when I "sprinkle a little Slosh" on everything I do...

    Below is one of my favorites using some of the things from his Triple Moon Cottage set.

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    I didn't know SloshWerks personally--I don't know any PAs personally, and sometimes I have to remind myself that there are genuine people with lives and stories behind the kits I use every day. For me, someone's memorial here would have to be the things they made ... but there are worse things to use as memorials, y'know?

    I didn't own all that much by him, but among the handful of kits I do have, there are two which I've relied upon so many times that I'd be missing a significant chunk of my work for the last three years without them. So here's a salute (with his Interstellar Patrol outfit and his Gothic Cloister set). Vale, SloshWerks.

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    The Empty Place

    Using the excellent https://www.daz3d.com/woodman-house-the-conservatory

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  • I didn't have much contact with him over the years, because he didn't need mod attention, but it was always good to see a new release in the store.

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    What a sad news... As a loyal Daz user, I personally don't know him but I do know his products and works. All of my PA friends live in mainland China... On behalf of them, our condolences go to his family and his friends.


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    I only knew him through his works which were superb. I am very sad to hear this news. We lost another old friend last night, so this is especially sad to hear about today. Life is short. Be kind and love hard!

    Godspeed SloshWerks.

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    oh damn, I love his content and own quite a bit, so sad to hear of his passing broken heart

    some scenes I have never rendered

    plus Triplemoon Cottage in Carrara Octane which I have never tried before

    (I buy a lot and don't get around to rendering)

    but apparently 49 of 82 of his things not bought by me yet

    Click Video to play

    Cottage Porch0000.png
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  • This is so sad to hear - a great loss to the community and to those in his personal orbit. My condolences to his family and friends.

    I just checked and I see that I have more than a third of his available items. After work I'll try to come up with something worthy to post in his memory.

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    I had the privilege of getting to know Slosh during some of the Daz trips, and it brought me immense joy to witness the beautiful chapter in his life when he reunited with his other half. Since then, he radiated happiness, and you couldn't have hoped for a more wonderful outcome. His posts were always brimming with positivity, and every time he shared, it was clear how genuinely happy he was. I am certain he would be touched to see the heartfelt words people share about him, even if it might make him a bit bashful. Slosh's contagious happiness will be dearly missed, my deepest condolences to his family and loved ones during this difficult time.

  • I first met Slosh in person at a PA invasion at DAZ.  DAZ Josh took us for a hike and Slosh and I started the 'Half a Mountain Club ' while everyone else ran all the way up we hung out halfway at a lookout point and made friends with a DJ and youtuber as he flew his drone.  We stayed up way too late that night with the other PAs in the hotel bar, fighting over the last slice of lemon pie.  Slosh has been a great friend, and I will miss him dearly.  My condolences go out to his partner, their pups and his family.

    Lyrra Madril

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    Very sad news... my sincere condolences to his family and friends

    Here are Ninive and Scott from his G2 Legacies series.

  • This ones tough.. I can only echo what everyone has said.  I had the pleasure of meeting him at the PA summit in SLC, and we spent an afternoon in the bar next to the office chatting away while everyone else went off and did stuff.  He had a dry sense of humour, much like myself, so was easy to get along with. 

    He'll be missed for sure, but as I've said previously - I take comfort in the digital legacy we all have created here. His work will live on, and that's pretty cool to me.

  • Lyrra Madril said:

    We stayed up way too late that night with the other PAs in the hotel bar, fighting over the last slice of lemon pie.  

    To be fair, that pie was amazing. :D 

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    I don't stop by here very often anymore, but when I heard the news I was incredibly saddened by it. Slosh's environments and products must've been some of my favorite (and I know for a fact Todd's too) and I used them a lot through my Daz years, he was even generous enough with supporting my art by gifting me quiet a few never asking for anything in return. The news just seems unreal even when knowing about all of the health struggles he's been through. I remember when he reconnected with his soulmate and it was so good seeing them both happy building their new life together and I have always personally enjoyed our interactions online. I always had a lot of respect for his work and his talent. I hope his loved ones can find some comfort in this thread.

    Rest easy Slosh, you were always a big part of this little universe and it will always miss you.


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    Having known Slosh for many years, we would always bounce project ideas off each other.

    Even that caveman I just released in the store came about because he asked me to make one so he could make some caveman clothes......which sadly will never happen now.......there was never a "small project" for him because he would always want to add more and more to each set.

    Such a nice guy and so much talent...I cant tell you how much he will be missed......

    I have used his sets in so many renders and promos.

    This was made using his service station...it really set the right mood for the shot.

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    I really would have loved to have more chats like the 2 or 3 we had, regarding products and mutual admiration. His whole sense of design was and will be forever impeccable, extraordinary, one of a kind, unique. I could add lines of words that only would keep feeding the fire of my respect for him. Such a gentleman. A great artist to honor. His Vernea Outfit is probably my all times favorite set, and I will keep using it with a smile. My condolences to everyone that shared his lifetime, a genuine spark.
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    I only met Slosh in 2019. But we had lots of great conversations since, and although everyone knows that he was a fabulous artist, he was also very interested in programming. We talked about it a lot, and he also patiently asked my beginner's questions about Daz Studio when I started out. When we first met he was not in great health, but after that he seemed a lot better. It broke my heart too to hear that things went downhill again last year, but at least he seemed to be much happier. I never met his partner, but my condolences go out to him as well, and to all his loved ones.

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    Oh no! That is so sad. I have so many of his product; always great quality.

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    ChangelingChick said:

    Some of you may already know, but this past Sunday, we lost our dear friend you all know as SloshWerks. He passed peacefully in his home with the love of his life nearby. Please help us remember him by sharing a remembrance, a picture with a product of his, an anecdote or a story.  Slosh's family and friends will be watching our thread. Thank you.

    And since I know it will be asked, for now his family has decided to keep his store open.

    ...aww geez very sad to hear, Not being a PA I never got to know him personally and didn't realise he had health concerns. I have a fair number of his items particularly his UHT Hair systems which I use regularly. 


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    I only got to meet him once back in 2015 and spoke to him from time to time online.  He was a great guy full of great ideas.  Sad to see him go so soon.

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    This is so sad to hear my thoughts are with his family and friends :(

  • I am so sorry to read this sad news.

    I love his hair shaders, especially UHT. I get so much use out of them, regardless of the hair generation. It may be a small thing, but having those shaders has given me a lot of pleasure.

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    Blessings to family and friends.  I am a Daz customer and do not know Sloshworks personally.  But I do enjoy over 40 items accumulated over the course of a decade or so.  Sloshwork's creativity has brought me many hours of joy.  I hope that knowing this creative legacy will continue to live on in my little corner of our world is of some comfort in difficult times.  I did find an image I did that contains some props from a holiday set.  Mr. Claus fell asleep holding scissors - a careless thing.  Fortunately, Mrs. Claus is looking out for him.    

    santa napping Sloshworks props.jpg
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    that is very sad. A great artist. I love his products. I have quite a few. My deepest condolensces to his family and friends. 


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