Contest~ Entries~ Because I Said So! ~ Dec/Jan

NovicaNovica Posts: 23,859

Please read the Guidelines for the contest and place only your entries in this thread. The emphasis is on humorous interpretation of any (or more than one) of the following statements:

"But I got it dirt cheap..."

"I don't care how much you saved!"

"Give it back."

"Oh, you shouldn't have. REALLY."

 "Just say NO." 

"You tell him/her or I will!"

"Go for it." 

"Yep, there's no place like home for the holidays." 

"But he/she/it is real!" 

"But I got one last year."  

"I want it NOW!"   

"Is he/she happy about the holidays, or just crazy?"   


ONLY ENTRIES ARE POSTED ON THIS THREAD. Please use the other thread (The Guidelines listed above) for general chit-chat about the contest.



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