Freebie Challange----December: It's Steampunk at the North Pole---EntriesThread

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It's that time of year, again.  You know the time.  Credit cards are hiding in fear, hordes of mindless creatures are roaming the streets and the radio is spewing the same old songs.

Time to sit back, dust off that freebie collection, assess you're options and have a blast rendering.

This month's theme is: It's Steampunk at the North, break out the the goggles and give the holidays a little twist.

Standard rules them here: Official Freebie Challange Rules

And, no discussion of a contest would be complete without a list of prizes, right?

First Place: $15 store credit from DAZ3D

Second Place: $12 store credit from DAZ3D

Third Place: $8 store credit from DAZ3D

There will be a special holiday themed steampunk inspired hat, made by me for all entrants (not available until around the 15th).

And, of course any other prize donations will be gladly accepted.

PS: There is a tradition of mini-contests during this month.  More than likely there will be at least one of those, so keep monitoring this thread.

The contest ends December 31.

Any non-entry posts will be removed.


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