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    I'd like to try 4.9 again, but side by side with 4.8. When I tried that a few weeks ago 4.9 basically choked on my content library - failed to recognize much of my metadata/categories for the most part. Eventually 4.9 was unable to connect to the content managment service.

    Any tips on running 4.9 successfully side by side with 4.8? If possible I'd like to share the same content libraries between them to save me some work, but if that's not possible, do people have tips on keeping them separate?

  • I think I posted this somewhere already within the last 24 hrs but I can't seem to find the thread. Anyway:

    I've been using for several weeks; the only issue I have with it at all is content-related.  I install all my content manually and have had very little trouble keeping things organized as long as new content was automatically highlighted (Scan for New Files/Mark found files as new . . . etc).  This version ( does not seem to be highlighting any of the new content.  Perhaps there is some other way to find things? Suggestions?

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