simple shim plugin / Qt licensing

Is it still true that a scripted UI that works as a dialog can't just be dropped into a pane, that you have convert everything into C++ to get that?

Assuming I can even get the sample projects to compile in Visual Studio (still getting issues with "moc_" and precompiled headers), do I really need to pay $316/month to use the Qt VS tools designer?

I'm hoping all I'll have to do is write a shim so that I can just drop in what I've already scripted.

Is that possible?


  • While scripts can be amde modeless it is high-risk and not recommended, and wouldn't be the same as a pane anyway. I am not aware that there is any requirement to pay additional license fees to generate plug-ins, however.

  • Regarding the licesning fee, I was asking about using the designer that's available in Visual Studio - or any visual Qt designer, really. Does nobody use them?

    Avoiding that, what I'm after is a C++ shim that allows me to put everything I've already scripted into a pane, without actually having to convert everything into C++.

    Is the scripting engine available from a plugin? Can UI elements be added to a pane from it?

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