Anyone use QT Creator and other questions ?

I'm a bit lost if the truth be told.

I installed QT, but am not sure what version the Daz Studio uses - could anyone advice please, and does it use 32 or 64 bit ?

The other thing is I found QT Creator tool when QT installed. I've figured out how to use it, but am having problems with the code it makes. I realised I had to add some includes manually, but other things I am not sure about - these could be to do with wahtever version the Daz SDK uses maybe.

If anyone uses the QT Creator, what type of project should I get it to build, there are various options and I am struggling to find which I should use. None of the files I've produced so far are that similar to the SDK samples, so maybe I am building the wrong type of project ?

Sorry for so many questions, I hope someone can help.

Many thanks :)

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