Best method for making plugins

So I'm up and running on VS Community.

Just wondering about the work flow.

Like say I am making a layout and I want to see what it looks like, is it a case of restarting Daz Studio each time you make a change to see what it's like ?

Or is there some way to see your changes as you make them ?

C++ is new to me, so pardon my ignorance.


  • I don't have a great deal of history with Daz Studio (DS) but my experience is that you will get an error if you try to overwrite/update a loaded dll while DS has it loaded (even if you uncheck it in INSTALLED PLUGINS).  Once a program loads(starts using a dll) you generally have to close the program to get it to release the dll so that you can change the dll. There is no hup function that I am aware of in DS.

    There are a few other programs that handle plugins differently where you can simply deactivate a plugin to free it. But not DS, unless you build your plugin/dll to talk to a remote service with connect/disconnect functionality. Even then it is always safest to close and restart so that you are sure everything is reset and initialised to expected values.

  • Yep - I found out that I couldn't write the file when Daz was open.

    Happily for me I just got an M.2 SSD so things start up pretty quick now.

    I'll see how I get on, thanks again :)

  • Yes you have to keep opening and closing daz when making plugins... Try using a ramdisk!!!

  • So... has anyone written an unplug-DLL plug-in yet?


    (and does it work on itself?  wink)

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