RRRR - Murphy’s Law Entries Only Thread

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This is the entries only thread for the RRRR - Murphy's Law Render Contest.

Here we post Tag, Law and a line or two to form the law.


Sedor #1

Law of electronics

Electronics is driven by grey smoke. If the grey smoke escapes, it's broken.


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    Tag: emsim #1

    Title: When You're Trying to Impress Someone...

    It never fails.  When you are taking a prestigious member of society on an extensive tour of your estate, the neighbor's pet will choose that moment to scatter your garbage around.

    Pest in the Garbage.jpg
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    Gopherus #01


    What You See Aint Necessarily What You Got.  The best manual… the best applications instructions aren t worth much if the blond won t read them.  If the customer can mess it up… she will.

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    Tag:Totte #1

    The law of Attention

    The chance of a man losing attention due to a pretty girl is in direct proportion to the importance of the task at hand.

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    Gopherus #02

    Budget Cutbacks at the Fairy Tale Castle

    “Sure do miss the feel of a real horse. These cutbacks are killing me!” The Murphy Philosophy says that you should smile today because tomorrow will always be worse.

    budget cuts2.jpg
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    tag: luci45#1

    Murphy's First Law for Delivering to a Remote Corner of the Gallaxy:
    You Will Always Arrive at a Bad Time

    asteroid storm.jpg
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    tag:luci45 #2
    Murphy's Technology Law #23.5
    The most perfect piece of robotic engineering can be destroyed by a damn fool

    Jeff challenged the elves, who liked to brag about their magic birds, to a triatholon between one of their prize cormorants and his shiny new robospider. The spider performed well until the swimming challenge...

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    Tag:Totte #2

    Murphy’s law for apocalypse survival.
    You don’t have to outrun the Zombies, you just have to outrun the Easter Bunny

  • LinwellyLinwelly Posts: 5,026

    Title: Not a tunnel
    Law of the many Laws: The shortest way from point A to B is by GPS

    He: It's not my fault, the gps navigation system said it's a tunnel
    She: When was the last update....
    He: Update, there are updates?


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    Tag: Diomede 01

    Title: Shouldn't have bought the juice megapack

    Turns out everyone else knew about Mrs. Murphy's "short cut."  Naturally, traffic jammed, and there was no place with a bathroom, and little Sean just drank six Hawaiian Punches.


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    Ebonart.gallery #1

    Title: But I Just Paid It Off!

    Murphy's Auto Law: No matter the length of warranty coverage, on the day that the warranty expires the car will break down

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    Happy Thanksgiving everyone! The bird is in the oven... lets do this!

    Tag: purrkat #1

    Barbarian Warlord for Genesis

    Dragon Rage

    Back to class school props

    The Time Traveler

    Also used, Hro's Stand, Neighbors yard - baill board prop, va Digi Tablet, Japes Plate Z ll, PH Space hair, Donnovan, millinium environment - Heart of Space.

    Murphy's law - "It is easier to get into something, than to get out of it."

    WHAT? - No one told him that the stupid suit was live! One minute he was jerking off in class... The next minute...

    DANGER... random trajectory... unauthorized travel... multiple time dimention contaimination... imminet over load... ABORT  ABORT

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  • Ken OBanionKen OBanion Posts: 1,428

    TAG: obanion#01

    Title: Party Foul!

    Sylvia always threw the best parties! But you had to read the invitation very carefully!

    Deanne: "But the invitation said, 'Dress as an animated character'!"

    Sylvia (Jartnia): "No, it said, 'Dress as an anime character'. A fine, but critical, distinction."

    Hailie: "What-ever! Girl, that dress looks just fabulous on you!"

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    tag: luci45 #3

    Murphy's Geraniums
    Any unfortunate event is probable.

    Devestated by a lifetime of misfortune, in his latter years Mac Murphy lived a blissfully uneventful though modest life until a seal invasion destroyed  the last remnant of his old life - his beloved geraniums. 

    murphy's geraniums.jpg
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  • Ken OBanionKen OBanion Posts: 1,428

    TAG: obanion#02

    Title: "Domino's Work For You?"
    David decided to impress his date with his skills in the kitchen.  Unfortunately, his fire-fighting skills were a bit rusty....

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    TAG: obanion#03

    Title: Negotiating From a Position of Strength (or, Christmas in the Wastelands)
    Stephanie and Victoria knew that there would be a price to pay even to approach the treasure the griffin was guarding.  There always is.

    Griffin: "How's about a little kiss, Red?  That is, if you want the treasure...?"
    Stephanie: "That's not mistletoe, you moron, it's holly.  It doesn't count."
    Griffin: "Hey, am I a botanist?  Do I look like Euell Freakin' Gibbons to you!?  Let's just take the intent for the deed, and get down to a little seasonal osculation, shall we?"
    Stephanie: "Well..., okay.  But no tongue!" (To Victoria): "If he tries to slip me any tongue, you kill him, understand?"
    Victoria: "I'm on it!"

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    Gopherus #03

    Karaoke Night

    D4 side one…. again… again… again!  This place has been going downhill ever since Elvis released Hound Dog.  If there s one song you hate you gotta expect it to be played over and over.


    karaoke night.jpg
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    Tag: emsim #2

    Romance Interrupted

    When you finally get some time alone with your girl, there will always be an annoying interruption!

    Romance Interrupted.jpg
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    TAG:  Kismet2012 #1

    The Mall is Closed

    Murphy’s Law:  When you really need it the Mall is closed.


    Janna stopped to admire the camisole worn by the mannequin.  She put down one of her bags of groceries to feel the silky fabric.  It wasn’t until she got home that she realized she was missing the most important ingredient.  By the time she got back to the Infernal Mall it had closed with her bag trapped inside.




    The Mall is Closed.jpg
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    tag: luci45 #4
    Poor Billionaire
    Whatever you want, you can't have; what you can have, you don't want.

    Young multibillionaire Lin Wing  is never happy for very long.  He has become bored with his new Sci-Fi style home in Maui and Bennu bird. His housekeeper (and former nanny) chides his mistresses to keep him entertained, but she knows better...

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    TAG: Karibou #1
    Title: No Rest for the Dazaholics

    Murphy's law: When you think you've hit rock bottom... You haven't.

    Without fail, every time Margo the homeless Dazaholic found a quiet 3-D alley in which to crash for the night, Lenny, the flying snail appeared, reliving his traumatic battles from the Mollusk Trojan War with his stash of Ron's Explosions.

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    Gopherus #04

    The Price of Fame

    Travel to the far reaches of the galaxy… no one notices… but jump into the pool for a skinny dip with a happy fellow camper and the paparazzi appear in swarms.

    space baseF2.jpg
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    Tag: purrkat #2

    Murphy's Law #10 - "The probability of an occurance is in inverse ratio to its desirability."


    She nursed him back to health when he broke his foot. She was so kind and patient. He fell head over heels in love. Desperate to see her again and express his feelings he arranged a rendezvous on the footbridge, near the hospital. He purchased a jewelry box, carefully tucking a necklace inside. It was the perfect moment, the warm glow of the late afternoon sun, the quiet, deserted walkway. Filled with nervous excitement, his hand sweaty and shaking, he presented his gift - that slipped from his grasp and tumbled away...

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    Tag:  Kismet2012 #2

    Mirror Mirror

    Murphy' Law:  When honesty is not an option


    Mirror Mirror on the Wall.  Who is the farest one of all?

    She had asked the question he had been dreading.  Knowing what will happen if she receives the wrong answer he stumbled over his words desperately tring to say "Why you are my Queen".


    Mirror Mirror.jpg
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  • TotteTotte Posts: 11,824

    Tag: Totte #3

    Murphy's Law about drinking habits

    The strongest person at the party has the worst drinking habits

  • Chanteur-de-VentChanteur-de-Vent Posts: 558
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    Tag: Chanteur-de-Vent #1

    A Curious date

    [Murphy's law: Your one night stand date will always look less appealing in the morning than he did the night before.]

    When the young artist woke up this morning, she did vaguely remember bringing home a guy last night, but was quite surprised when she took a look at him in a clear daylight.

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    Tag: purrkat #3

    Murphy's law #4 - "Nature always sides with the hidden flaw."
    Circus - Finally winter was loosening it's grip. The sun was warm, soon the trees would bud and the carnival would come to town. In his green house admiring his prize hibiscus, Gus noticed a circus truck stopped at the end of his farm. A young lady dressed in a skimpy costume had gotten out. Quickly, he snipped her a stem of flowers and hurried down for a closer look and to see if he could be of help. He'd no sooner given her the flowers when he was grabbed from behind and held in a bear hugging, furry, embrace. "Oh", the girl exclaimed, "Sinbad likes you!" Gripped with terror, Gus managed to gasp - "I'm allergic to cats."

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    tag: luci45 #5
    Left to themselves, things tend to go from bad to worse
    Wealthy hedge fund manager Marty Pipster retired for several decades to his well-stocked bunker in order to wait out the bad times. When he ran out of his favorite scotch he decided to come out and found that, as Murphy and his own professional "wisdom" predicted - left to themselves, things tend to go from bad to worse. Good thing he was up pretty high as those pesky ocean levels were up quite a bit.

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    tag: luci45 #6
    Law of Fashion
    Any given dress is: indecent 10 years before its time, daring 1 year before its time, chic in its time, dowdy 3 years after its time, hideous 20 years after its time, amusing 30 years after its time, romantic 100 years after its time, and beautiful 150 years after its time.

    Barry Smythe always cheerfully disregards his tasteless neighbor's derisive stares and comments, knowing that he is on the cutting edge of fashion.

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  • LinwellyLinwelly Posts: 5,026

    Title: Starwars Party
    law applied: The sexier a man is, the better the chances that he is gay

    When she saw the add for the starwars party she was all aflame, when she entered the club, she was even more excited, and then they played "supreme" by Robie Williams... yes, all the handsome men where gay...


    2000 x 1125 - 2M
  • MelanieLMelanieL Posts: 5,832
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    Some Day My Prince Will Come...

    ... bearing an invitation to his Grand Ball. But that will be the day after I decided it was never going to happen, so I took all my party dresses to the charity shop and now I literally haven't a thing to wear!

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