Created morphs for daz studio not working. - Resolved!

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For years I created custom body morphs in Hexagon for use in Daz Studio. On my last studio update these no longer seem to work.

The morph completely distorts the chatacter - tried setting preserve deltas to yes and no, but no difference. The character continues to distort.

Even tried and older version of studio - 4.16, same issue.

Did something change, or am I not remembering the right process

Uinstalled/reinstalled both Studio and Hexagon - no change.

If issue already discussed, please point to that thread.

Any advice???









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  • Distort in what way? Check that the import option still give a correctly oriented and scaled figure (set the morph to 100% and see what you get, or try importing the OBJ itself into the scene with the same preset/settings).

  • Thanks ...

    The figure distorts like a stretched Gumby. Tried saving as .obj and import via Morph Loader, still same. 

    Tried about every combination I can think of. 

    Seems that previos version of Studio worked fine, but after updating to latest Studio and Beta a few weeks ago, nothing works right.

    I could simply be having a senior moment!!




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    You imported the morph at the wrong scale.

  • Ascania said:

    You imported the morph at the wrong scale.


    Thanks, but I dont think that is the problem. Tried using morph loader from 10% to 1000%, with no luck. I alway use the Hex-bridge, which has worked for years, but not lately.

    Tried using morph loader just as a work-around.

    I'm thinking this is a Studio problem as the problem started after my last studio update - to 4.21.05.

    Ill keep working at it ... probably something simple i've overlooked.


  • I was suggesting importing the OBJ as a new, static model (a statue) using the same settings as in Morph Loader - that way you can see what the importer makes of the OBJ. If that looks right then we really need to see screenshots of the figure (untextured or in an untextured DrawStyle) and settings.

  • Without images of the distortion you are mentioning,  we dont have any visual reference to understand what the problem might be. 

  • Thanks to everyone trying to help out.

    After uninstalling and reinstalling - studio and Hex (3X), the Hex bridge finally started working again. 

    I did try and impoort the model as .obj, and there was a difference in scale. In sending a model to Hex via the bridge, exporting as /obj and importing into Studio - I had to use a 1000% scale to match the same size.

    Using  unit = 1 cm on export and import. Not sure exactly what that means, but obj/morphs imported via morph loader pro still do not work.
    (I may still be doing something wrong on that one)

    But I have always used to bridge in the past so with that working I can continue my projects.

    Thanks again.
    Appreciate the help.


  • Are you also using the 1 unit = 1cm preset in Morph Loader Pro? OBJ doesn't have a scale, just "units," so it is necessary to tell the code what those units mean.

  • Yes, using 1 unit = 1 cm.  But I will double check.

    I still have weird things happening. Hex crashes about every 3-4 times used. Frequently have to restart Studio as Hex fails to load or transfer objects.

    Again, Hex bridge is working again (except for crashes), so I can continue on with projects.

    Thanks again.


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