Ruled Surface between two objects question

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My goal here is to geograft a head to a Daz Genesis Character.

I have two objects (a head and a Daz Genesis character), and I wanted to connect them.  Unfortunately, the number of vertices don't line up, but I figured I can live with tri's instead of poly's in this area.  I chose ruled surface, and chose the two edge (loops) that I wanted to connect, and it did a pretty good job. (see pic)

First, is this the best way to connect these?  I assume I can now Target Weld vertices together to the head, and then that will give me the shape needed to geograft back in daz to the neck.

What about the Curves...on the right?  Looking in the Rules Surface in the Manual, it did not say anything about them, and not sure one I weld Obj and Form together what to do with those?

Thanks for any guidance...I am a real noob in modelling.  Can make basic stuff, but struggle on these more advanced steps. 

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    OK, so I decided to use "bridge" and "close" operations around the area, and that worked better.  Much cleaner and symmetrical, and only one Tri needed.  :)


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