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Could someone remind me how to disable the JCMs (or whatever they are) that naturally move the eyelids on M4 or V4 when making the figure look up or down? I need to have a character looking down but not have the eyelids close as they do so.

Thanks in advance.


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    Try this, I selected the head and Locked the Eyelids before I added the Eyes Up Down dial. Select the little COG and or the Lock on the Dial.

    This was DS4.5Pro. By the way.

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    How do you lock the Eyelids, they're not a body part? ;) Also, my figure is already made with all morphs, so I can't do anything "before" adding any morphs, sorry.

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    You could try this, in the scene tab expand the head and select the right and left eye nodes. Then in the Parameters pane adjust the Up-Down or Side-Side as needed.

    Since this is direct movement of the node bones the morphs that are slaved to the Eye Up-Down pose control should not be applied when you move the eyes.

    I have used this method many times with M4 and V4 eyes just for those occasions when you don't want the eyelids to move.

    Hope this helps... :)

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