Hexagon to DAZ Studio Link

For quite some time, when returning a file to DAZStudio via the Link, there is no menue with an option for Reverse Deformation anymore.
Why has it gone?
Is there a version, that brings it back?
The DAZ to Hexagon bridge is pretty much useless without it.


  • Saxa -- SDSaxa -- SD Posts: 871

    It's still in same place. Use all the time. When send back to DAZ, when you name your new morph, and attenuate or whatevs, the reverse deformation is there.

    You may have to click once on morph name  to open the submenu though.

  • MasterstrokeMasterstroke Posts: 1,887
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    Ahm, no. There is absolutely no option for Reverse Deformation.
    I know for a fact, there used to be one looking exactly like the morph loader dialog, but it has changed for areason I don't understand.
    I am on DAZ studio and Hexagon 2.5.2

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  • Check that, in Daz Studio, Edit>Preferences>Bridges tab has the advanced options enabled for Hexagon.

  • Saxa -- SDSaxa -- SD Posts: 871

    Goes to show once again the value of having a DAZ affiliated mod here at forums.

    When set up my 2nd PC again just went through everything right away at setup and set it all to advanced, including that DS pref, and timeline, and show hidden morphs in parameters etc.  So totally years ago that had to do that initially.  Not a good use of my memory to remember that. Just know it works.

    Does seem odd in this case for bridge that you gotta set that to advanced.  Reverse Deforms seems kinda basic-important.

    +1 for value of a regular kind DAZ moderator.

  • MasterstrokeMasterstroke Posts: 1,887

    Richard Haseltine said:

    Check that, in Daz Studio, Edit>Preferences>Bridges tab has the advanced options enabled for Hexagon.

    Aaaah, there it is. Thank you. 

  • jkrimmingerjkrimminger Posts: 20
    How do you link hexagon to daz3d? Tried going through daz install program. Does work. Trying manually. Had it, but lost connection. The bride is lit green.
  • jkrimmingerjkrimminger Posts: 20
    Link with hexagon after downloading fromdaz install does work.
  • jkrimmingerjkrimminger Posts: 20
    Doesn't work
  • Richard HaseltineRichard Haseltine Posts: 98,387

    How are you installing?

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